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Miami Lakes Accounting Solve your booking and IRS Issues 305-8239228

Miami Lakes Accounting 

Miami Lakes Accounting Solve your booking and IRS issues 305-8239228.   Do spend more time doing booking that running your business. Got a letter from IRS or Florida Department of Revenue. You keeping paying late fees for filing late forms. If you answer yes to the following questions we have the Answer for you.

    Corey Accounting Service since 1985 has assisted their client. We will keep your books up to date. When you have accounting current our clients will pay less in late fees. You will have the correct data to fill out the revenue forms. 

Miami Lakes Accounting Save you money 

Miami Lakes Accounting Problems

Miami Lakes Accounting Problems

IRS and Florida Department of Revenue must be file on time. Failure on time you will have to pay a penalty and late fees. More of the time it could be as much as 25 percent of what the tax is. Why do you want  to give the government more that you should.

Our rates are the best in the industry. It is more cost effective to pay us to keep every thing up today. This avoid the fees.

Instead of worrying about handling the bookkeeping responsibilities on your own, and trying to rush everything as quickly as possible without caring about accuracy whatsoever, bring in a professional to take care of this aspect of your business for you.

You do not want to wake up one day, walk in to the office and be greeted at the door by an IRS auditor. That’s a living nightmare that you’d rather avoid at all costs. Trust us if you’ve never had to experience it yourself.

       free consulation Free Consultation

Corey & Associates will give you a free consultation. Our staff will go over your records to see what it going to cost to work with us. If a clients feels that will are not giving you the best value in the industry will give you a gift card.

       Corey & Associates is located at 1800 W 68 St suite 118,Hialeah,Fl 33104. Phone 305-823-9228. email We are minutes away from anywhere is Miami-Dade,Miami Lakes,Miami Gardens,Hialeah,Gardens, at  NW 122 st 0f 826 expressway.

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